An answer to your questions(probably) about how I got here.

I want to explain my background in fashion product development. So I attended this intense design school (DAAP) in Cincinnati, and it was a wild 5 year program where I spent 5 semesters of college interning; mostly in New York. I received a bachelor of science from the University of Cincinnati in 2014. My major involved a lot of illustrator and photoshop work developed as 2-D print outs. At my internships, I worked for fashion companies(Opening Ceremony, VPL, Elie Tahari, Addison, and Abercrombie and Fitch) where I worked on creating illustrator colorways for production, creating web graphics, producing samples, working all night, and the value of organization(due to its absence from all of these organizations). It was a great way to learn, but in the end, I wanted to continue my interests in development instead.

So after college I worked this freelance job that was part data entry, part styling. There I collected information for developers, which I found very intriguing. Two months later, I was going to web development bootcamp(General Assembly) in midtown. It was a great way to learn what I needed. Although their job placement claims ended up being a bit lofty, I have fortunately found freelance work since graduation, and continue to search for a more permanent position.

I’m still piecing through my past work, trying to construct the cleanest, most creative portfolio that I can. This last week, I had to push my current work to the side, an concentrate on a coding challenge for a prospective employer. A Kilimanjaro sized pile of work stand between me an employment…which is intimidating, and definitely not optional.


Goal I

It’s late Monday morning. Considering the many paths I could turn down.

This week, I will accomplish the following things:

  •  get portfolio ready for the masses
  •  dust up my knowledge of javascript + jQuery through and Jon Duckett’s “Javascript & JQuery”
  •  go to this networking event on Tuesday
  •  go to my graduation event hosted by General Assembly at Music Hall of Williamsburg(!!)
  •  exercise???????

Now quick, where is the coffee.

A Purpose

Hello there,

I attended a really intense design school and was sick of working for free and had to change up my career path. Hence, the sudden switch to web development. I am probably the luckiest gal around to have stumbled on to something that I actually enjoy spending hours ( and hours, and hours) on.

Two weeks ago, I graduated from General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive. It was absolute insanity and one of the most challenging and rewarding decision I have made so far. I am so thankful to finally have an outlet to direct all of my energy into, and after taking a relaxing trip back home to recalibrate, I’m back in NYC. I plan to use this space to keep a clear outline of my development endeavors, so first let me recap on what I already know:

                 – javascript

                 – jQuery( which, in my opinion, should be pronounced ja-query)

                 – HTML

                 – How to make ajax calls

                 – css, but I prefer using a pre-processor like scss

                 – ruby on and off rails

                 – how to fail at OAuth2.0

                 – how to succeed at OAuth2.0

                 – A whole bunch of frameworks like Ember.js, Angular. js, Create.js, etc.

                 – Ubuntu deployment

                – how to teach myself these things

What I’m currently working on:

               – how to concisely display all of this in a portfolio

               – using Amazon Web Services

               – how to be as efficient as possible

               – actively commenting my code

               – sleeping at night

               – postgresql

Happy Friday!